Saturday, February 25, 2006

We're a lovable space that needs your face

Time to give Stanley Roper some love. His blog, Night Planet, is evolving into a must-read, as demonstrated by this post:

When I see the Hoveround commercial, and its accompanying "you made me love you, I didn't want to do it ..." with the beaming seniors laughing it up in the rest home rec room, I know its time to go to bed.

Founder Tom Kruse gives me that final ominous warning that I'm wandering into the wrong demographic, I hope. Its just me and the sedated in hospital gowns, right?

Is our entire economic future based on decay, heartburn, and credit problems, or have I just been staying up late? The deluge of ads like "I wish life were like this parking meter, I could keep putting in coins and stay here," "I ate these 2 value meals in 5 minutes and I'm covered by this pill I ate yesterday ..,""creditamerica solved my irs tax debt for pennies on the dollar," have you been injured in a car accident?" "I love getting out of my house again!"tend to bring me down, although wait, heres an upbeat weight loss pill testimonial!

Looking back on sunshine filled ads of my youth, I recall they used to try to sell happy things, things that didn't have 30 seconds of disclaimers during a 45 second commercial. I remember jingles, smiling doublemint twins. Sure there were the Sally Struthers saving the children ads, but now that would be squeezed between a herpes ad and an ad for medical malpractice.

Is this the true measure of where we stand, a decaying carnival? We've got to rage against the dying of the light here, lets see some silver lining, if you would please.

Unless I'm watching the news, or a drama, I don't want to be brought down, or reminded of that giant woman in the "shopping scooter" cruising past the customer service counter at the grocery store yelling "I'm not a happy camper!" that I once witnessed. Not only do I have the next day to worry about, now you've got me thinking about gingivitis and funeral plots.

Maybe I should go back to watching Saturday morning cartoons, if they still have them, cocoa puffs over relacor please.

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