Sunday, February 19, 2006

We know what's good for you

Pretty outrageous reporting on "60 Minutes" last night, with correspondent Bob Simon concluding that a "little self-censorship is a good thing" in regards to the Danish cartoon controversy.

How about a little self-control? Simon infers that the illustrations were mere provocations to the country's small Muslim population (about two percent). But it was the Danes, and their lifestyles, that were provoked. They struck back with art; fanatical Islamists replied with violence.

As a parallel, note this recent poll taken among UK muslims: four out of 10 say they want Islamic law applied in their communities. You can't correct a problem until you recognize it, and it's clear that we're losing the battle for hearts and minds. Badly.

It doesn't help when reporters like Simon reflexively point fingers at free societies. It's not so much that the media leans left or right; they're just so often misguided.

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  1. Proof once again the media is living in a self-induced bubble. Completely worthless. I like this template. If you ever move to MT, tho, you'll be so happy not to have to wrestle with a goddamn template, which is a bit like doing surgery while wearing potholders