Monday, February 20, 2006

Little E in '08

Without a political trend to exploit, pundits start getting nervous. They mainline cliche.

But soccer moms are so 1990s. A new swing voter must be created. And I guess it's men's turn. Hence, the NASCAR dad.

Much to question, and dread, here. If I were a political consultant, I'd maintain the focus on women. There's more of them, and a greater percentage of females vote. But I'm not a political consultant, as I maintain a minor bit of naive faith in our electoral system. I'd prefer a candidate address us all as one, not as respective members of a particular interest group.

God forbid NASCAR dads establish that kind of clout. I've actually watched auto racing in person. And never have I felt more confident about my looks and intelligence. I was, in comparison, a MENSA male model.

There is an underrecognized nobility in good 'ole boys and rednecks, but those ilk aren't the majority in the infields of the nation's various racing venues. There's no safer place to hoist a Confederate flag (often displayed, inexplicably, next to the red, white and blue). These are the people who are going to be deciding our next election?

Hard to imagine, since the NASCAR faithful are faithfully Republican. Though I would like to see the guy pictured above's take on the situation in Darfur.

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