Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cold Turkey

Even our alleged allies hate us. In the most expensive Turkish movie ever made, U.S. soldiers in Iraq are depicted crashing a wedding and pumping a little boy full of lead in front of his mother.

On the plus side, Gary Busey finally has work again, although any American actor who'd appear in such fiendish propoganda deserves to be blacklisted. Granted, no one seems to be hiring the likes of Billy Zane these days (the "Dead Calm" star plays a self-professed "peacekeeper sent by God," while Busey portrays a Jewish-American doctor who cuts out the organs of innocent Arab civilians and sells them to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv).

They sure know their Jews in Turkey ... Gary Busey!?! They might as well have cast Billy Dee Williams.

"Valley of the Wolves Iraq," which reportedly cost some $10 million, is the latest in a new genre of popular culture that demonizes the United States, according to the Associated Press. It comes on the heels of a novel called "Metal Storm" about a war between Turkey and the U.S., which has been a best seller for months.

One recent opinion poll revealed the depth of the hostility in Turkey toward Americans: 53 percent of Turks who responded to the 2005 Pew Global Attitudes survey associated Americans with the word "rude"; 70 percent with "violent"; 68 percent with "greedy"; and 57 percent with "immoral."

Advance tickets are already selling out across Turkey for the film, which has dialogue in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish and English. In addition to Turkey, the film is set to be shown in more than a dozen other countries - including the United States, Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Britain, Denmark, Russia, Egypt, Syria and Australia.

So let me understand: we can't publish cartoons lampooning Muslim extremists, but this film is okay? Allah help us!

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