Friday, February 10, 2006

Music for a British coffee house

I was resistant to Belle and Sebastian at first ... their music always sounded like something tailored for a gay "Charlie Brown" cartoon. But eventually I was seduced, even though I maintain they are too precious by half.

But listenable nonetheless. High marks for their new album, the "The Life Pursuit," particularly "We are the Sleepyheads," an early nominee for best single of '06.

And I've always prided myself on being resistant to "cutesy." Guess I'm not immune.

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  1. I was late to the B&S bandwagon myself. In fact, I didn't like them much at all until I heard their song "Stars of Track & Field" during that dreadful movie Pumpkin. Now I have their entire catalog (well, the albums anyway) and consider myself a big fan. They do have that Charlie Brown quality to them, but they craft some nice songs with pretty good lyrics and some of the ways the male/female vocals play off each other make them pretty unique, IMO.