Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Muslim as victim

Here's the money quote from Friday's peaceful protest of the Danish cartoons in New York City.

"We were tired of demonization," said Dr. Shaikh Ubaid, a spokesman for the Muslim Leadership Council, which organized the rally. "There is a rise of Islamophobia in Europe. More and more Americans think negatively about Islam."

I wonder why.

On the plus side, there's growing signs that Muslims are assimilating just fine in the U.S.

Magdy Eleish, a 56-year-old Queens resident, said he went to the protest because he "wanted to do something," adding that he hoped that the rally would inspire non-Muslims to read about the prophet. "Our feelings are hurt," he said. "If someone insults your father, don't you hurt?"

What could be more American than claiming a bruised psyche? How about demanding an end to hurtful speech??

"These are the boundaries of Allah. Don't go past them," said Imam Siraj Wahhaj of Masjid At-Taqwa in Brooklyn. Sounds like someone educated in an American university, where the whims of indignant interest groups often supersede free expression.

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  1. As lovely and subliminal as it may be to them, the Muslims just have to forget about sending planes into buildings and that sort of thing.
    They need to hit America where it really hurts and send a batch of pretty Muslim boys to fuck Bush, Bumsfeld, Inchenity and the rest. But if I were you, I wouldn't give the bastards a heads up on that one. It might make you appear to be, whatsay——unamerican?