Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Old age, dry mouth or pride?

I'm hoping the latter reason explains why Sly Stone, one of my all-time faves, exited the stage before the end of his "tribute" at tonight's Grammy Awards. I warned of this in an earlier post:

Of course, the second-lamest awards show (behind the People's Choice) has to screw up Sly's return by organizing an all-star tribute to the original ambassadors of funk, featuring mall rockers Maroon 5 and Aerosmith has-been Steven Tyler, among others. They better put Sly on first, because if he witnesses that spectacle he may disappear for good.

Sly did make an appearance, but he didn't contribute much. Then again, how does one upstage an "American Idol" graduate? He would've been better off remaining in hiding, as the Recording Academy, predictably, neutered the soul out of his groundbreaking music.

Perhaps his departure was orchestrated, but here's hoping Sly was sober enough to take the artistic high ground. Better Oblivion than the Grammys!

While we're at it, might someone recommend seclusion to Sir Paul McCartney?


  1. He was a great singer & musician tho. Did u ever hear his bluesy version of Que Sera Sera?

    McCartney is a wanker

  2. Accidently left the tv in the basement on. All I saw of the grammys were the few seconds before I turned it off after my wife said "what's that awful music coming from the basement?"

  3. Love Sly's take on Que Sera. I've probably heard their whole catalog by now ... multiple times. Just wish I hadn't heard his latest (last night). Better to burn out, or just fade away??