Monday, February 27, 2006

Thanks to Jesus I no longer carry my wallet in my back pocket

"Ever wonder why some lesbians look mannish?" asked Melissa Fryrear at the "Love Won Out" conference in St. Louis for ex-gays. "It’s a vulnerability to be a woman. That suit of armor to keep you from being hurt."

Fryrear, once "a college student whose whole life revolved around being gay," now works for fundamentalist Christian activist James Dobson. That's kind of like abandoning the Shiites to fight for the Sunnis.

Focus on the Family co-sponsored the event, along with Exodus International (which, I once read, took a group of curious straights to a baseball game in hopes of exposing them to good, old-fashioned masculinity. I know I think about girls and Promise Keeper rallies whenever I see a finely conditioned athlete in tight pants).

Perhaps Fryrear was converted at a WNBA game.

"We suggest you decline an invitation to a civil commitment ceremony," she said, addressing a major area of concern among evangelicals. "So many Christians are yielding on this part."

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  1. there are so many things that fascinate me about Fryrear, the least of which is how "she is so happy to have embarked on her mission to become an boy-crazy girly girl, which is basically looking awkward in boxy skirts and super low blocky heels and rather clumsily applied make-up. she's "passing" as far as the Southern Baptist/evangelicals are concerned, anyone else...not so much...