Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cleanliness is next to godliness

I'm not sure if this is appropriate Valentine's Day material, but Malcontent correspondent Markie Post has just informed me of the latest trend in anal grooming, and who am I to withhold news of breaking fads? Perhaps this is an industry in the making.

"Seriously. I read it in 'Esquire' so it must be true. White guys think their 'fawn-colored' orifices are too dark," Markie reports.

But it's not just males fretting about their pucker. Apparently actress Lara Flynn Boyle has been a celebrity champion of the practice. And the "Sunday Times" of London reported speculation about "celebrity anal bleaching" at a party there.

Sounds like a new reality show to me.


  1. Lara Flynn Boyle shits then?

  2. olala, that's a beautiful picture. this is a called woman?

  3. Actually it was Jack Kerouac who first exposed the fact that so many well groomed Americans are running around with dirty assholes—employing a dry, soft paper with poor consistency, to spread it will-nilly around the area. How ridiculous, he thought, when Americans claim to be the cleanest people in the world and bathe two and three times a day. It was the hypocrisy that bothered him.
    Ironically, I imagine the poor man would have been perfectly disgusted by even the most delicate invitation to anal-lingus.

    Cut it out, will you, ATL? It was that dammed picture that got me thinking about it.