Thursday, February 09, 2006

The left vs. democracy

This has to be the most myopic group of gays and lesbians and transgendereds and trolls and dykes and queers and fairies and so on ever assembled. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission has decided not to participate in this summer's LGBT World Pride festivities (why wasn't I invited?) because "as a human rights organization, we do not feel it is appropriate to participate in a 'world pride' event in the middle of an occupation and in a location were our colleagues from the region could not travel to Israel to participate."

Perhaps Tehran would be more "appropriate." It comes as no surprise that IGLHRC is ideologically inconsistent; as gay writer Richard Rosendall points out, the group has previously participated in conferences held in Beijing and Havana (perhaps they've never watched "Before Night Falls," about dissident Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas).

"So totalitarian capitals like Havana and Beijing are fine, but the sole democracy in the Middle East, which happens to be the place to which gay Arabs in the region flee, is the target of a 'queer' boycott effort, essentially because it has dared to defend itself from neighbors bent on wiping it off the map and driving its Jewish inhabitants into the sea," Rosendall writes.

"This is the left's idea of gay pride: demonizing Israel, which protects gay rights, while romanticizing a homophobic Palestinian culture that teaches its children no greater aspiration than to murder people by blowing themselves up."

Is it so difficult to figure out who your friends, and enemies, are?

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