Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hollywood homophobes

I discovered all sorts of ideological hypocrisy during my years in L.A. On more than one occassion, closeted bigots, hearing my Southern accent, figured I would appreciate their racist jokes. So, not only did they secretly dislike blacks, they figured all Southerners must, as well. I always enjoyed their reactions when I responded negatively.

As for the gay thing, I didn't come across many open homophobes, but I know they were there. According to LA Weekly, more than a few are members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and they may keep Best Picture frontrunner "Brokeback Mountain" from securing the top prize on Oscar night.

Despite the hype you’re reading in the press and on the Internet about Brokeback, with its eight nominations, being the supposed favorite to take home the Best Picture Oscar on March 5, Crash could end up winning. The issue isn’t which film is better. The issue is more like which movie was seen by the Academy. Frankly, I find horrifying each whispered admission to me from Academy members who usually pose as social liberals that they’re disgusted by even the possibility of glimpsing simulated gay sex. Earth to the easily offended: This movie has been criticized for being too sexually tame. Hey, Academy, what are you worried about: that you’ll turn gay or, worse, get a stiffie by just the hint of hunk-on-hunk action?

The beneficiary may be "Crash," a solid flick but not in Brokeback's league. How reassuring to know bigotry is alive and well in states both red and blue.


  1. It is kind of strange, all males in California seem kind of gay, but yet they have this hompophobic undertone...hmmm why could that be? ;)

  2. Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle had more energy & originality than any of these pompous movies, but didn't get even get a Best Foreign Film nod. Guess the ode to suicide bomber thing was too impt