Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rasmussen for President!

So I lied. But after what I heard from Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen in an interview on CNN Sunday morning, I must revisit the cartoon controversy. Whereas the U.S. and other European countries have sent conflicting messages about their committment to freedom of speech, Denmark, led by Rasmussen, has been forthright and principled.

When asked, by Wolf Blitzer, if there should be an apology from the Danish government?

"I don't think we would've done anything differently. I'd like to remind you the cartoons were published in a free and independent newspaper ... Neither the government or Danish people can be held responsible for what is published in a free and independent newspaper."

About repairing ties with Muslim governments:

"We should realize that members of religious societies may be offended if we use our freedom of expression without sensitivity in regard to their beliefs. On the other hand, members of religious societies should realize freedom of speech is (sic) most precious civic right ... Freedom of speech is a safeguard for all other freedoms."

"My country believes in building bridges, not burning them," Rasmussen said.

So this is what political leadership looks like.

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