Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Team 22 RULES!

In order of Nielsen ratings, from most popular to least, rank the following shows: "Judge Judy," "Judge Hatchett," "Judge Joe Brown" and "The People's Court."

That was the jackpot question for the team comprised of the Malcontent, Bobby Bubbles and Ms. Ellie. We missed that one (thank God "Team 22" maintained some dignity), but we still won the George's trivia contest, thanks to our knowledge of such arcane names as:

*The artist who recorded "I Fought the Law" (Bobby Fuller);

*The head of the Major League Baseball Player's Association (Don Fehr);

*The Brat Packer who was second cousin to the Kennedy clan (Peter Lawford);


*The actress who got her start as a villainess on "Hercules: The Legenday Journeys" (Lucy Lawless ... lucky guess).

Is there any honor in knowing the name of Jimmy Smits' character on "L.A. Law"? Maybe not, but what could be wrong be about a trophy comprised of free beer and burgers?

Three cheers for cultural absorbance.

***In order: "Judge Judy," "Judge Brown," "The People's Court" and "Judge Hatchett." Shame on you if you guessed that correctly.



    That was a lot of fun. Great to know we are armed with so much useless knowledge.

    I will get Knee-Deep in the Hooplah with you anytime!

  2. Although I am ashamed to admit it, I am willing to finally come out of the closet. At times I watch Judge Judy.


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