Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tomorrow's water cooler chat tonight

There's a water cooler in my office, but no one ever stops by it to chat, thank God. If we did, perhaps we'd be discussing all them funny Super Bowl commercials and their recurring theme of old people and women getting knocked down. I also enjoyed the one where the guy got smacked, repeatedly, with a cell phone. There was some levity in the ads though, compliments of that old standby: middle aged white guys dancing awkwardly. Makes me wanna buy some product!

And doesn't that new Adam Sandler movie look like a hoot? "What if you had a universal remote ... that controlled your universe?" Would it allow me to eliminate Adam Sandler movies? (And Tim Allen movies. And Tim Allen. And the Super Bowl).

Wasn't that worth two weeks of hype? Admittedly, I was shocked when the Stones played "Start Me Up," then "Satisfaction." Didn't see that coming at all.


  1. Part of the thrill of being unemployed is not having to listen to insufferable coworkers give a blow by blow of last nite's reality TV shows. I mean, when Frenchy got canned from Idol, it really bothered me, & I'd never even watched the goddamn show

    (Reality TV, however, preferable to puddle-deep political analysis. Oy vey...)

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