Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I hate the '90s!

Worst song of the decade: "Silent Lucidity," by Queensryche.


  1. I vote for "Mother" by Danzig. Especially if you give bonus points for the video.

  2. Ha, you may have found it! There are plenty of canidates though....I hate songs like "Stacys Mom" and "Closing Time." I must admit that I'm not sure if they came out in the 2000's though, or how about Staind or Pearl Jam "Jeremy" that was a bad one too.

  3. "Closing Time" barely makes the
    cut, if I'm recalling properly, and I agree: pretty turgid stuff. Not as much as "Jeremy," though, a worthy foe of "Silent Lucidity." Still, I think I've nailed this one.