Monday, April 03, 2006

Brass tacks

Isn't it about time we reached a consensus on weed? The evidence seems pretty conclusive to this observer (biased though I may be): marijuana is, essentially, harmless. Has anyone ever crossed the line when high? Ever carried out a murderous impluse when stoned?? I think not. (And should the government be involved in regulating laziness, ganja's most striking negative???)

The solution seems simple enough to me, one that should appease both sides of the legalization debate. Possession ought to be a misdemeanor, unless you commit a crime while under the influence. In other words, carrying a dime bag in your pocket should be no more of a crime than drinking from an open container. Likewise, I have no problem with the government imposing tougher sentences on those who run over someone while stoned, for example.

With all the problems our country faces, shouldn't drug laws reflect that new reality? Way too much time, and money, has been funneled into a cause with no conclusion. A moral detente seems the most logical solution.

Would it appease our respective political bases? Probably not. All the more reason to insist on logical drug laws.

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