Monday, April 17, 2006

More anti-child propaganda

Keeping with the theme, why is there something called the Kids Choice Awards? Kids have too many choices. Not only are they seen, but they're heard -- loudly. And now they're dictating the culture.

Want to know who's to blame for "Scary Movie 4" grossing $41 million over the weekend? According to soulless Mirmax co-honcho Bob Weinstein, 40 to 50 percent of the audience was in the 12-to-17 year-old range. What does that get us?

"We've got four or five new franchises in development," Weinstein boasts.

Remember when the Weinsteins used to make provocative flicks? Now they're simply peddling product, and damn proud of it.

Weinstein expects to have another "Scary Movie" sequel in theaters next Easter.

And we have kids to thank for that.

As for that Nickelodeon abomination, why the hell are we introducing children to the awards show circuit at such an early age? We should be weaning them off celebrity worship, not encouraging it. This is why we have an E! Network.

When will people learn?

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