Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blacklist is such a harsh term

You've heard about Tom and Katie, Kirstie Alley, Isaac Hayes, Jenna Elfman, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, Mr. and Mrs. Travolta ... but did you know the late Sonny Bono was a Scientologist, along with his wife, Congresswoman Mary Bono? What about Punky Brewster, Soleil Moon Frye? Yep, she's under L. Ron's spell, too.

Time to spring all of the celebrity Scientologists from the closet. Prepare to be disappointed, and surprised:

*Anne Archer (the scorned wife from "Fatal Attraction")

*Paul Haggis, director of Oscar-winner "Crash

*Chaka Khan (say it ain't so!)

*"My Name is Earl" star Jason Lee

*Beck Hansen (perhaps the biggest stunner on the list)

*Juliette Lewis

*"Mod Squad" hottie Peggy Lipton

*Christopher and Danny Masterson (of "Malcom and the Middle" and "That 70s Show")

*Brandy (Moesha?!?)

*Giovanni Ribisi (my alleged doppelganger)

*Leah Rimini (star of "King of Queens")

*Mimi Rogers (who introduced Cruise to Scientology)

*Patrick Swayze

*Greta Van Susteren

*Rob Thomas (so that's where those Tom Cruise rumors started)

Among those who've left the flock:

*Mikhail Baryshnikov

*author William S. Burroughs

*Kate Capshaw

*Emilio Estevez

*Gloria Gaynor

*Leif Garrett (lotta good it did him)

*Charles Manson (yes, that Charles Manson)

*Ricky Martin (another queer Scientologist)

*Demi Moore

*Van Morrison

*Brad Pitt

*Lou Rawls

*Jerry Seinfeld (hey, I'm just reporting here)

*Tom Skerritt

*Oliver Stone (now there's a match made in metaphysical heaven)

*Sharon Stone (she'll try anything once)


  1. Beck? That IS surprising!

  2. I must say in defense of Beck, what I've heard is that the reason he is a Scientologist is that his family is. Apparently, his mother is extremely active in the church. The info I picked up (from one of his oldest friends) was that he left the church and that they used his parents to get him back in, essentially threatening his mother's position to do so. Supposedly he is, at best, a lackluster Scientologist, essentially for family reasons. Not that that's an excuse, of course. I had to refuse to go to Easter Sunday at my mother's Mormon church, and Beck should do the same! It's just a testimony to how deeply these cultists sink their nails into you.
    BTW, his greatet creative period seems to have coincided with his leaving the church. Not a coincidence I'm sure.
    Oh, and one more reason to hate Paul Haggis!

  3. Anonymous3:31 PM

    The Cruise/Thomas rumors are not rumors. It's true. Trust me.

  4. I never imagined Jason Lee would be on that list. That sucks ... I like him.


  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Rob Thomas is not a Scientologist.

  6. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Peggy Lipton and Chaka Khan? I don't believe so. I know that Peggy's brother was being courted to get her to join, but nothing came of it.

    As for Chaka. I suppose anything is possible.

    Beck was no surprise. I did read he wasn't really into it, but somehow he's back in because of his wife/girlfriend. I like his music. Now if he starts shilling like those other nutjobs, I'm not buying anymore of his music. Sheesh! Enough is enough. I can handle Mormon missionaries coming to my door. I politely thank them and close the door. But this other pseudo-religion biz is annoying.

    Sad thing to be involved in. The money is what matters to them. Get the money, get the money, raise those stats. Whew! Tough work being in a cult concocted by drug addicted, pulp fiction writer.

  7. I wish I had not read this blog entry. Learning Beck is a Scientologist is like finding out that there is no Santa Claus, or that your girlfriend is really a man. A really, really cute man.