Monday, April 17, 2006

Children, children, future, future ...

Great column in my employer's rag about society's most entitled class: those cute 'lil kids and their overbearing parents (no longer just a broad generalization, unfortunately).

From local freelancer Brendan Casey:

What is this pestilence, we hear you ask, that has spread throughout the metro area and indeed threatens to engulf an increasingly affluent north metro area? The answer is: Children!

More specifically those children from the more "privileged" parts of greater Atlanta where guilt-ridden parents in fractious households with six-figure incomes have created a short attention span stew of frenetic drop-off for baseball, pick-up soccer, and other hyper activities as a substitute for any truly meaningful one-on-one interaction.

Of course, spoiled-child syndrome is nothing new. Every generation blames the one before. What makes this group particularly egregious is the sense of entitlement displayed by those mothers who can be seen carrying, pushing and toting this living accessory around as if bearing a child has somehow become an achievement in itself comparable to climbing Everest.

Children, children,

Children are the future!


  1. Hooray for Everything!!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG...just stumbled upon it through the random arrow thingy, and I feel like you could be my gay male counterpart...the yin to my straight female yang. Dude, you just make sense. And you've already made me laugh a bunch of times, too! Keep writing.

  2. Thanks, Norma ...
    Very nice of you to say. Keep reading.