Saturday, April 15, 2006

No Smashing Pumpkins?

I'm surprised myself. But you can't have a Top 10 list of musical disrepute without a nod to the dreadful swing revival of the late 90s.

So ninth place belongs to "Zoot Suit Riot" by the Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

Zoot suit riot

Throw back a bottle of beer

Zoot suit riot

Pull a comb through your coal black hair

Cue Sideshow Bob shudder.

Tenth place is too easy: "Hey Jealousy" by the Gin Blossoms.

Getting tired ... so very tired.


  1. Anything by the Gin Blossoms or Toad the West Sprocket.



  2. I like some of Sheryl Crow, but that All I Wanna Do is Have Fun song was old the first time you heard it