Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sheldon the emoticon

Anonymous has a name. I guess I should respect anyone with Sheldon's passion ... although I do admire his brazen use of the :) smiley face emoticon.

And I welcome Sheldon's review of "R.V.." ... sounds like he'll be in line for tomorrow's opening matinee. Here's what he says about me (and Patch Williams):

Have you smiled today? Do you ever sing for no reason? Do you notice the hues of the sky, the rustle of leaves? I doubt it. Those are lovely sentiments that Robin, as that irrepressible patch, speaks. He doesn't need me to defend him. You, all hip and ironic and cool and tough, are the one with the problem here. And I will stand up and identify myself. Plus, I can't wait to see RV. The preview is hilarious. :)

I've yet to meet a Robin Williams fan in person. Sure, I know they're out there, but, thank God, never in my circle. It's a small circle, purposely well-insulated.

And Sheldon -- whomever you are -- please, don't take this personally. Anyone who thinks I'm "hip," "cool" and "tough" is welcome in the Malcontent's forum.


  1. Luckily there will be no R.W. fans at our beach outing next week.

    Can't wait ...


  2. Well, I hope you all have a good time at the beach. I would recommend some movies to rent but I doubt you would like them. Be nice!!