Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ripping up phone books for Jesus

Meet Jeremy Baker, otherwise known as the "Human Cannonball" for his ability to dive into a wall of ice nine inches thick. His hands are so strong he can bend a crescent wrench into the shape of a U. Jeremy was a youth pastor for six years before fulfilling his dream to become a member of The Power Team.

Said team used to be required late night viewing at the Malcontent's crib. (They were on the same religious channel as those campy Jim and Tammy Faye knock-offs, Paul and Jan, otherwise known as the human corpse and his drag queen wife). There's something irresistible about a mulleted behemouth head-butting a mound of bricks, then following it up with an invitation to accept Christ. I never quite figured out the connection.

Damn me to hell if you like, but I think the evidence speaks for itself:


During each nightly meeting, three to six evangelists (Power Team members) present a program of feats of strength set to upbeat Christian music. These feats of strength are utilized carefully throughout the service to illustrate Biblical truths. Power Team members share relevant, heart-stirring testimonies along with a 20-minute Bible-based evangelistic message and a clear-cut altar call to accept Jesus Christ. The testimonials not only stir the hearts of the lost, but also inspire the hearts of Christians to move into a deeper walk of faith. Each night of the crusade is unique with varying themes, messages, feats of strength, and a variety of speakers.

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  1. I remember watching these guys on tv when I was a kid visiting my grandmother. I often wondered why Jesus would want people to tear phone books in half...thanks to Google, there are of course numerous websites that show that ripping phone books in half is really just a matter of how you hold and spread the Jesus or muscles required...