Thursday, April 13, 2006

Either it's all okay, or none of it is!

So Bill O'Reilly was right, sort of. Not that I'm buying the alleged "war on Christians," but there's certainly been a surrender to Muslim extremists.

"South Park" made that point brilliantly last night, via a mock Islamofascist propaganda film showing Jesus using the American flag as a toilet (which was preceded by a blacked-out image of Mohammed handing "Family Guy" a helmet topped with a dead salmon).

Homer: "It works on so many levels."

So it's okay to disrespect one religion but not another? Comedy Central says yes, as they've banned any depiction of Mohammed on their network. But Christ taking a shit ... big deal. Jerry Falwell hasn't threatened to kill us, so screw 'em.

Not that the fundamentalist leadership in this country would resort to violence, but they're certainly being encouraged to ratchet up the old persecution complex. Expect to hear plenty more bitching and moaning from that quarter in the days to come ... "The Battle Over Easter" is just the beginning.

Meanwhile, the First Amendment takes another hit. The Republican Guard protected Saddam more vigorously than we've defended free speech.

I never thought watching a show take on its network could be so entertaining, and instructive.

As for the episode within the episode: I was rooting for Cartman, but unfortunately the humorless non sequiturs will continue to fly on "Family Guy." Kill the manatees!

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