Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bobby Cox explains it all

Nothing riles me more than the uninformed idiots who criticize the best manager in baseball (and for my money the premier coach in all of sports): Bobby Cox.

He's criminally underappreciated in his adopted hometown, by fans and the local media alike. (I'm looking your way, Boob, er, Beau Bock, the Atlanta radio dinosaur who regularly praises former Falcons coach Jerry Glanville -- who lost more than he won -- while belittling Cox's Hall of Fame record).

Not only is he a genius in the dugout, but Bobby's as unassuming as they come -- old school without the pretense, as illustrated in the quote below:

"Guys are in too good a shape," he said when asked why more players seem to suffering from nagging muscle strains. "They have too many muscles. They need to just drink beer after the games."


  1. Is it me, or is Atlanta just not a good sports town? Praising anything related to the Falcons seems a bit overstated. I like Bobby Cox's beer comment..
    Lets hope he doesn't follow the Atlanta Thrashers coach who guaranteed a playoff spot to no avail.

  2. Bobby would never do that. Besides, he delivers that every year. And you're right, Atlanta is a crappy pro sports town.