Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Unintended consequence

The University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Ky., has kicked out a sophomore because he revealed he was gay on his MySpace.com page, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Why is this potentially promising news? Check out the student response:

"Everybody on campus is extremely upset about this," Jennifer Roberts, a Cumberlands senior, told the newspaper.

Roberts, who told the paper she is a close friend of (Jason) Johnson, described him as honest and trustworthy.

"I would consider Jason a Christian because so many of his values are Christian," she said. "He embodies everything a friend should be. A lot of people are suffering because he is not here."

The more these fundamentalists indulge their obsessession with homosexuality, the more people they turn off. When young Baptists are questioning authority, you know a revolution may be at hand.

Some students are publicly questioning the school's values, according to Renee Kuder, a friend of Johnson's.

Many wore shirts yesterday with "God loves my gay friends" printed on them and are waiting for Johnson to let them know the best response to the university.

"They're being hypocritical, by Christian standards," Kuder said. "If we love each other, accept each other for who we are, why are they kicking him out? I almost feel like they're trying to mold us, me, into a person that I wouldn't want to be.

"There's a letter in the student handbook that says everyone is a unique creation of God, you're special, we care about you. They didn't care if he didn't have a place to go. They could have pretty much ruined his life."

And a note to the college: If you're going to admit males into your theater arts program (Johnson was a drama major), count on having a few "defectives" slip through.

"We are different by design, and are nonapologetic about our Christian beliefs," said university president Jim Taylor in a written statement.

Yet another "Christian" with no concept of Christ.

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