Friday, April 07, 2006


The cheesy "Left Behind" series of books (which were spawned some straight-to-video movies starring Kirk Cameron) has been a gold mine for Christian authors Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Since I don't know where all that money's going, I won't pre-judge.

Still, this whole venture seems pretty sketchy to me. Now they're getting into the gaming business with Left Behind: Eternal Forces, available later this year for $50.

In a post-Rapture New York, players must use prayer and warfare to help the tribulation forces in their battle against the one-world government peacekeeping forces controlled by the Anti-christ. (A multiplayer feature lets you play on either side.)

I'm guessing most of the people who would purchase this game won't be choosing the Anti-christ's side.

Pretty crass, but it's hard to top Mel Gibson. Or am I the only who thinks $49.95 is a bit much for the official "Passion of the Christ" tear bottle:

This new, beautiful tear bottle is a symbolic gift of Christ’s triumph over death and of hope for the future. What makes this tear bottle so unique is the stunning Enduring Word™ Tablet with the entire text of the King James New Testament inscribed in 24K gold, embraced by a golden crown of thorns.

You can also purchase official "Passion" nail pendants, ranging in price from $12.99 to $52.

If only Jesus had known how much money was to be made from His suffering.

And Jesus went into the Temple and sent out all who were trading there, overturning the tables of the money-changers ...
---Matthew 21:12

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