Thursday, April 20, 2006

True believer

I've mentioned my childhood fear of Bigfoot before. I'm totally prepared to embrace his reality, if for no other reason than to rationalize my youthful phobia about a big hairy half-man. It persists to this day ... sorry, "bears."

Malaysian wildlife officials denied capturing a baby "Bigfoot," amid fevered speculation over the existence of the mythical creature in the nation's southern jungles.

The Berita Harian newspaper reported that a young Bigfoot was caught by a group of men thought to be from the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) near the southern town of Kota Tinggi two weeks ago.

The paper quoted local residents as saying they had spoken to men who described shooting the creature with tranquiliser darts. The locals then peeked into the back of the their truck to see a large, hairy creature.

True or not, remake-happy Hollywood should take note: Bring back those cheesy Sasquatch movies of the 1970s.


  1. OMG, I was terrified of Bigfoot, who it was widely known, haunted the pine forests of California with regularity. At my parents vacation house in Cambria, a forested enclave on the central coast, I used to lay awake at night riven by the twin terrors of Bigfoot and tidal waves. I didn't know which grisly death would be worse, but bigfoot was surely the most detailed. It all goes back to The Legend of Boggy Creek and the 6 Million Dollar Man two-parter when he fought Bigfoot.

    Now of days, I'd probably just ask him out on a date.

  2. The 2-part Six Million Dollar Man episode was a highlight of my youth. Of course in that one Bigfoot was an empathetic character who ended up assisting Steve Austin. As I recall they threw out all the stops for that episode ... even the Bionic Woman and the Bionic Dog Max showed up for that one, or am I wrong? I'd kill to see those episodes again.