Monday, April 10, 2006

And now, a word from Southfork ...

This is real-time blogging here, people. Can you feel the banality?

Just as I wrap up my IM session with Stanley, I get a call from Ms. Ellie (note the Ms.). And right away she nominates a no-doubter for fifth worst song of the nineties: "Little Miss Can't Go Wrong," by the Spin Doctors (who are now battling Bush as the decade's crappiest band).

Which, for obvious reasons, reminded me of Collective Soul's "Shine," the newest entry to the Malcontent's ignonimous countdown. Next up: Number Seven. Certainly Soundagarden's due for a mention soon.

***We're not counting television theme songs on this list. If so, we'd have a different cellar dweller: "I'll Be There for You." Strangely, we've heard nothing since from The Rembrandts.

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