Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Segregation is in!

What do evangelicals and queers have in common? An increasing desire to cocoon. And they're not the only ones.

But for the sake of this argument, I'll stick with these two otherwise disparate groups. Whether it's a coffee house at your local mega-church, or a planned gay amusement park in Malayasia, the trend is clear: membership is preferred.

Nowadays, if you're a Christian, you can minimize your associations with heathens in almost all facets of modern life. Your kids can go to a Christian school, you can work out at a Christian gym, you can socialize nightly at the church and, best of all, you can drink coffee without those bothersome non-believers hovering about.

I'm currently working on a story about a church that is developing its own subdivision. Follow me to Christ Estates!

Gays aren't much different. From queer cruises to gay days at Disney, the desire to keep company with like minds (and proclivities) is on the rise. Sure, some of that is based in past discrimination, but much of the country has moved on. I never feel the need to surround myself with "my kind."

For one, it's boring as hell. I enjoy diversity --- not the P.C.-enforced brand, but true inclusiveness. Of course, it ain't easy finding a group of gay malcontents to hang with, but I haven't really tried. I don't need to check someone's sexual I.D. before I associate with them.

As for Christians, well, many seem, once again, to have discarded the example of Christ, who hung with hookers, tax collectors and other assorted reprobates.

And it goes on and on. Many conservatives abhor places like San Francisco and Boston because of their secular influence. Likewise, plenty of liberals look down their nose at those of us below the Mason-Dixon line.

It's safer in a cocoon. Vanilla as hell, but few seem to go for Neopolitan flavor these days.


  1. Until the day comes when I can unconciously reach out and take my boyfriend's hand in public, and be treated no differently for it, there will be a need for segregated gay spaces. As long as we need to keep up some false pretense, no matter how small, there will be that need to decompress, to know that there is a place where I can show a bit of affection without "offending" some poor breeder. I'm not offended by them, after all, when they dare to "flaunt their heterosexuality".

    The reason why fundamentalists are segregating themselves are the exact opposite from the reason why gays do. Gays segregate because the world lacks tolerance. Fundamentalists segregate because the world is becoming more tolerant, and they hate it. If gay segregation was driven by a hatred of straight people it would be one thing. But Larry Kramer aside, I know of no gay people who hate straights. The opposite, of course, is anything but true. I'm sorry, but this is a false equation, I'm afraid.

    Until we live in a world where gay men shoot up Hooters and randomly jump middle-aged married fathers and beat the shit out of them, these two groups are as different as the good peaceful folks who take refuge inside the fort, and the barbarians outside the gate.
    They may both be tribes, but no one should confuse the two.

  2. You mean like this... Marla Jennings Christian Realty

    "He said He would prepare a place for you and He did He ever. But you don't have to wait until you die get this one. This 6BR/5BA on 2 acres is ready to move in. Fresh paint and new carpet have washed away the sins of the previous owners. (parody)