Sunday, April 02, 2006

Alive with pleasure

As a huge fan of the Christopher Buckley novel, I was skeptical but anxious about the big screen adaptation of "Thank You for Smoking." Would it deliver the same kick in the groin to our nation's growing legion of P.C. prudes?

Although there are some differences, natch, I can't remember a more seamless transition from page to celluloid. Fortunately, the tone of the book is barely neutered; the merchants of death remain gloriously unapologetic.

Outside of Katie Holmes (when will Hollywood learn: print journalists, with very few exceptions, are neither perky nor gorgeous), "Smoking" is adroitly cast --- led by a pitch-perfect Aaron Eckhart --- short on unnecessary filler and terrifically entertaining.

Easily the funniest movie of 2006, at least until "Art School Confidential" opens later this month.

The Malcontent's grade: A-

1 comment:

  1. I've been planning to go see the movie soon. Sounds like it's definitely worth seeing.

    Plus, William H. Macy rules. Based on the previews, he seems like a good fit for the role.