Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good news for hotheads

Georgians would be able to use deadly force to defend themselves in public areas such as parking lots and sidewalks under a National Rifle Association bill that passed the state Senate on Thursday.

Well, if the NRA wants it ... Lobbyists have always had a stranglehold on the Georgia General Assembly, whether it's been controlled by Dems or the GOP. This current crowd, though, seems cozier than ever with their benefactors.

The bill:

• Extends the ability of Georgians to use deadly force beyond their homes, vehicles, personal property and businesses into the public arena.

• Puts into Georgia code that law-abiding citizens have no duty to retreat if attacked, a matter upon which the law is currently silent.

• Grants immunity from criminal prosecution to those who justifiably use deadly force, unless they used an unlawful weapon in protecting themselves.

• Grants people who use deadly force immunity from civil actions.

There's still some loopholes, however. As Malcontenter Al Kosa observes, "Now if we can just bring guns into the workplace and shoot people for breaking in the cafe line, everything will be alright."

After all, our state has such a proud history of vigilante justice.

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  1. Next up for our lawmakers -- Making it legal to shoot your pistol at people's feet while demanding that they dance. They can call it Yosemite Sam's Law.