Thursday, March 23, 2006

Situationally speaking

Although he's been a punchline --- and punching bag --- for everyone from Larry David to Jon Stewart, Tucker Carlson stands as one of the few tolerable talking heads on cable news (along with Chris Matthews and Anderson Cooper ... making me one of about 146 people who watches MSNBC).

He's a good interviewer, well-informed, consistent politically --- right-leaning libertarian --- and doesn't take himself too seriously (like the drones on FOX). I guess that's why his show draws ratings on par with "Kate and Allie" reruns.

Granted, the frat boy countenance might be a distraction, but I'm a fan. Lotta good that'll do him. Just ask Powers Boothe.

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  1. actually, MSNBC has had the greatest gain in viewers of ANY of the cable news channels in the past year. biggest loser: FOX.