Monday, March 27, 2006

This week's story now

Count on it, in People and on "Dateline." Over the next week you'll see this story, more than once:

"Inside the bizarre rave world!" "Where are your children going ... after dark?" "Satanic cult massacred by one of their own!!!"

Overly glib, ya ... I'm just saying what will be. It is a truly macabre story, a good horror movie, at least.


The partygoers didn't know Aaron Kyle Huff, and don't know who invited him to their after-party. In the culture of raves, all-night dance parties where they say young people can feel welcomed regardless of looks or background, such questions normally aren't important.

That trust was shattered Saturday morning, when Huff opened fire in a house full of ravers dressed like zombies in dark clothing and pale makeup, killing six of them and injuring two.

Assume the media will treat this story like a new discovery, sexing it up with the confluence of teens and drugs. We've gone underground, where we've uncovered something so shocking you and your family must know about it!

(Sure, it's been around since Bush 41 ... shhh!)

Coming up, an embarrassing revelation. Johnny may have trouble reading, but Dan Quayle can't spell. We'll peel him a new one, after the break.

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  1. I found the ages of the involved parties to be most alarming. I mean, I got over my rave thing when I was about 20...