Monday, March 20, 2006

And a washed-up actress shall lead them

It's only Monday and we already have a winner for the most ridiculous quote of the week:

A peaceful co-existence between the peoples of the Middle East is but a breath away, Hollywood star Sharon Stone said after a highly publicized visit to Israel.

"It feels to me that we have an opportunity ... to choose understanding in a new way," she told a press conference in Paris when asked about her trip.

"And it really is just a breath. It's just an agreement that's just a breath. We are not far apart. We can choose to have this alternative kind of growth that is a collective nuance of understanding."

America's newest ambassador for peace was in the Middle East promoting "Basic Instinct 2," a certain nominee for the Razzies. If a breath won't bring us peace, perhaps another peak at her beaver will.

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