Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Big (screen) wonder

From the "Hollywood will remake anything" file:

Paramount is lensing a modern update of the 1980s TV show, "Small Wonder," with Dakota Fanning signed to play the robot Vicki.

She'll be reunited with her "Hide and Seek" co-star Robert DeNiro, who'll play Vicki's creator (and surrogate father), robotics engineer Ted Lawson. Kathy Bates is signed to play the nosy neighbor, Harriet Brindle.

Let's all sing-a-long:

She's a small wonder
Pretty and bright with soft curls
She's a small wonder
A girl unlike other girls
She's a miracle, and I grant you, she'll enchant you at first sight
She's a small wonder
And she'll make your heart take flight
She's fantastic, made of plastic
Microchips here and there
She's a small wonder,
Brings love and laughter everywhere!

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha, the downward spiral of DeNiro continues