Monday, March 27, 2006

Someone call sexual harassment panda!

It's still happening. P.C. prudes have yet to lose much influence within the public education system, further evidenced by the story below (which, you'll note, didn't take place in Berkeley or Manhattan):

Lorain (Ohio) school officials this week executed an "emergency removal" of an 8-year-old boy who they say sexually harassed a girl in gym class.

The boy's mother, Tammy Barth, said yesterday her son was playing in gym on Tuesday when a girl student said he and two other boys may have grabbed her buttocks.

He was then questioned in an informal hearing by school officials and he admitted he had been passing love notes to the same girl.

The second-grader then asked to sign a notice of emergency removal form for sexual harassment without a parent present, Barth said. The boy printed his first name on the portion of the form asking for his signature.

The boy reportedly wrote a note to the girl saying "I love you." Quick, call the authorities!

Hate to think what would've happened to me if such procedures were in place when I was a kid. Playing "doctor" with your crayons certainly would be grounds for expulsion.

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  1. What about having a girlfriend grab your butt in 6th grade while singing the song "Feelings". Is that harassment?