Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nature vs. nurturing in Frogtown

Malcontenter Markie Post is back with more ruminations from the mountains:

Had a big, nasty row with my preacher friend last night.

He was explaining that homosexuality is a decision, that at puberty we have the choice to go one way or the other, and gays just choose to go the wrong way, often because they were molested. I asked him if he ever ran this theory by any of his gay friends, and he said, "I don't know any."


Then I fought dirty and brought up the rutting with farm animals he used to enjoy (seriously), and that hurt his feelings. I shouldn't have gotten personal like that, but the bestiality argument is a classic. I'm told my preacher (the cousin who did blackface) used it against gay marriage --- "if we approve this, next people will be marrying their housecats." Oh, well. I fight a lot of lonely battles up here in Frogtown.

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