Friday, March 17, 2006

The one term solution

As I sit here, a tad tipsy, alone, on St. Patrick's night (I have to go beekeeping at 8 a.m. ... short story, not worth being told, but I'm getting paid), the light bulb explodes. What America needs right now is less politics, and the best way to accomplish said goal is to limit all elected officials to one term.

For president, and for Congress. You say: but they'll be lame ducks before inauguration. I say, bullshit! Whether it's your first or seventh year in office, a convincing argument still carries the day. But politicians aren't forced to defend themselves because they've solved the loophole. Incumbents win 99 percent of the time. Obviously, the fix is in.

Besides, if everyone's a lame duck, what does it matter? If all our politicians are on borrowed time, the electorate wins.

Whether or not you agree with the commander in chief, fatigue is natural. Even the staunchest Bush defender can't sit through another "why we're in Iraq" speech. By now we've all memorized the applause lines.

Hell, most TV shows don't last eight years. The good ones, anyway. Check out the "Simpsons," or "Seinfeld." As great as they were, neither could manage two terms of originality. Why should we expect any more out of our elected officials?

Single terms would neuter special interests. Change would be inherent. If Bill Clinton taught us anything (not much, in retrospect), it's this: change is good.

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