Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tree hugging

Malcontenter Al Kosa checks in with an encouraging development from his home state:

We have Congressmen who literally propose selling National Parks to developers, and an administration that muzzles respected scientists who dare dispute the loony contention that global warming doesn't exist. So you take hopeful environmental news where you can get it.

I found a sliver of such good news involving a big land purchase by conservation groups in Alabama. The Mobile Register reports:

As part of what is billed as the largest single U.S. land conservation purchase ever, the Nature Conservancy appears set to acquire some 14,000 acres of forest land along the Perdido River in Baldwin County. With the new purchase agreement, announced Tuesday, more than 20,000 acres of Alabama lands along the Perdido River have been set aside in recent years for conservation.

It ain't like the ice caps have stopped melting. But we could see more efforts like this across the country, especially in the South, as huge paper companies like International Paper, which is selling this land, plan to shed millions of acres of pine tree farms.

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