Friday, March 31, 2006

Self-loathing Southerner

Jeff Foxworthy --- formerly a white collar boy with IBM --- continues to rake it in at the expense of his own peeps. Granted, that's the kind of hypberbole the Malcontent typically rejects, but I can't help but be viscerally riled by such items as a "redneck jack-in-the-box" that pops up from an outhouse, now on sale at Foxworthy Mart:

Travelers on I-75 have a new diversion to break up those long drives to Florida.

"Need a laugh?" beckons a billboard overlooking Exit 212 in Locust Grove, south of Atlanta.

The sign directs motorists to the Tanger Outlet Center, where, between Nautica and Rack Room Shoes, they'll find the Foxworthy Store: an emporium devoted to Atlanta comedian Jeff Foxworthy and his buddies on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Huntin' and fishin' account for most of the inventory, but there are plenty of other Southern-themed products — from Moon Pies to NASCAR collectibles to Waffle House shirts.

Among the hee-haw items for sale: a T-shirt that proclaims "Redneck Outfitters: Specializing in Ammo, Camo and Things That Go Blammo."

If I were Junior Samples, I'd be pondering a return from the grave.

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