Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Maybe Shannen Doherty recruited her

How do you raise big money at a political fundraiser? Start by inviting a brainless, talentless, fake-tittied blond.

While I'm sure Jessica Simpson is well-versed in Republican politics (I hear she's a big Barry Goldwater fan), you gotta wonder if Britney Spears is feeling left out. Just two short years ago, the GOP was touting Mrs. Federline's endorsment of W. But she's so '04.

Memo to Jessica: Watch out for that Dennis Hastert guy. He's not as cuddly and harmless as he appears. Then again, you've been coping with your lascivious father all these years, so I'm sure you'll manage.

Best enjoy your moment in the political spotlight, 'cause it's sure to be fleeting; I'm told the GOP has their eyes on the Olson twins for '08.

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