Saturday, March 04, 2006

Are your kids being taught to hate George Bush?

So a acolyte goes on an overheated rant in a classroom, comparing Bush to Hitler. And the conspiratorial right, sensing a non-existing trend to exploit, runs with it, claiming such comments are commonplace in our public schools. I bet George Soros is behind this somehow.

While I agree that the teacher is a dunderhead, this is an isolated incident, a minor story at best. But the right will continue beating it into the ground, and the left will, predictably, adopt Jay Bennish as a martyr. We'll probably see him sharing a podium with Cindy Sheehan before too long.

All this obscures a long-standing truth: most students think their teachers are losers, particularly when they look like this guy. Don't overestimate his impact on not-that-impressionable minds.

Too late.

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    Any true American who watches the above, free video will recognize the fact that Bush committed 9/11 the same as his grandfather's client, Adolf Hitler(Google "Prescott Thyssen Auschwitz"), committed the Reichstag Fire.

    Inarguably, Bush is Hitler-redux. Those near him, or serving him - other than truly innocent dupes - are transparently part of the "real anti-Christ" identified by Thomas Jefferson in his unsent letter to Samuel Kerchival.

    Schoolteacher Jay Bennish is simply putting forward thoughts that any who claim spiritual descent from the Jeffersonian Whig Founders of the United States of America should have been realizing right after they heard GHW Bush's public, "mystically" claimed "inability" to recall his whereabouts upon hearing of President Kennedy's assassination: W's only "qualification" for office.

    Death for Treason