Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Don't cry for me Jersey City!

First off, I have big problems with anyone who has to go through two wives before concluding that he's gay. Of course, in the case of former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, coming out was a self-serving reaction to deflect corruption charges.

And he was corrupt. Among other malfeasances, McGreevey hired his boyfriend, Golan Cipel, for jobs in state government, even though he was woefully unqualified.

The most egregious example was heading up homeland security after September 11. Fortunately the FBI nixed that debacle. But it didn't end there. McGreevey gave Cipel another job at the same $110,000 salary as a "special counsel." His job responsibilities were unclear. The media was denied access to him and the rumors got worse. Further, when McGreevey tried to find him a place to live less than a mile from his own townhouse, the rumors persisted. And then McGreevey would continue to seek employment for Cipel in a variety of "public relations" jobs paying big bucks. In every job, Cipel failed.

Now McGreevey has penned a memoir about life as a closeted gay politician. "The Confession" is expected to include details about his sex life and his efforts to hide his homosexuality through two marriages.

Like his family needs go through that again.

I know there are extreme cases, but as a rule I have no sympathy for people like McGreevey who drag spouses and children into their life of secrets and lies. I was raised a strict Southern Baptist, yet I managed to wade through that fog, difficult though it was. McGreevey could've done the same, but that might've stunted his political aspirations. Those who choose expediency over principle deserve neither respect nor sympathy, but I'll bet you $20 he gets a blow job, and a glowing cover story, from The Advocate.


  1. The question is, who will play him in the movie adaptation of the memoir?

  2. Hear, here! He's no more a "gay hero" than George Michael...

  3. I hear Sean Hayes is going to be looking for work.