Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Equalize this!

Maybe I should just go buy a gun, a trenchcoat and a sporty black Jaguar, a la 1980s TV detective Robert McCall (better known as "The Equalizer"). I must have justice ...

Against the guy in the monster SUV who rides the tail of my little Japanese import, the same guy who flips me off because I'm not driving fast enough. Against the woman in the van who clogs up the left turning lane because she's made a mistake and won't inconvenience herself to make an extra turn.

Against those people who purchase 20 lottery tickets, then refuse to step aside to scratch their Quick Pik cards (it shouldn't take 10 minutes to buy a Coke). Against the drive-thru worker who doesn't think I need napkins, or a straw, then rolls her eyes when I ask for said items.

Against the parents who allow their kids to scream their lungs out in a restaurant, then imply that you must not like children if you ask them to keep it down. Against the do-gooder who tells me smoking is bad for you.

Against half the damn world, to tell you the truth. Anyone know where I can get a black Jag on the cheap?

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