Thursday, March 09, 2006

Demogogery wins again

Fear mongers left and right have defeated the Dubai ports deal, even though it's been widely detailed that one of our few Arab allies wouldn't be overseeing security.

But that didn't stop the opportunists, from Hillary Clinton to Republican Peter King. What's Hillary going to say to the U.A.E. if, somehow, she's elected president? "Sorry about the racial profiling there, emir, but I had to prove my hawkish bona fides."

In the meantime, thanks to our feckless leaders for giving the radical Islamists more anti-America bait: "See, they really do hate all Muslims!"

CNN correspondent John King summed it up well: "In politics ... sometimes the passions and the emotions can overwhelm any factual discussion."

Of course, the same holds true for just about every issue of consequence these days. Must principle always take a back seat to poll numbers?

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