Friday, May 05, 2006

Someone needs a visit from Mr. T

The Malcontent's favorite holdover from the East Coast-West Coast rap rivalry is flat broke. So sad that Puff Daddy ended up on top of this thug war:

Dogged by $12 million in tax liens and other legal judgments, rap music titan Marion "Suge" Knight is down to $11 in his checking accounts and the bling on his back, according to a bankruptcy court filing. The Death Row Records founder, who filed for Chapter 11 protection last month, claims that his $4.4 million in assets is dwarfed by $137.4 million in debt.

Suge: "Man, T, I don't know where all the money went."

T: "How could you not know that, fool?"

Suge: "Damn! Damn! Damn!"

T; "Watch it, sucka. We don't need any of that dirty jibber jabber on T's show."

Suge: "Well I could shakedown Vanillia Ice again."

T: "That's foolish talk. That white boy ain't got any money. Stop your whining, bitch!"

Note to Suge: That was Mr. T calling you a bitch, not me.

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