Tuesday, May 16, 2006


By all accounts, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was a colossal failure in the weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina, with the city's poor suffering most from his ineptitude. Somehow, Nagin has a decent shot at winning re-election, maintaining a trend in Louisiana politics to reward the overmatched (and crooked, though Nagin has so far avoided the Cajun corruption trap).

His apologists are desperate to prop up the mayor, and, according to a New Orleans TV anchor appearing on "Hardball" tonight, psychology is to blame for Nagin's feckless behavior after the storm hit.

"A lot of people are giving him a pass because he may have suffered from some post traumatic stress syndrome."

Even if that was true, would you want someone in charge who crumbles under pressure, syndrome or not? Sad how far the leadership bar has fallen.


  1. Is anyone accusing him of corruption? I thought it was just plain old "not up the task"-ness.

  2. Collins8:51 AM

    Do New Orleans voters actually think he did a good job?