Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I like you

An invitation I wished I had received:

Kazakhstan Ministry of Information

Present You Invite to special screening of:





Borat, of course, is the creation of Sascha Baron Cohen (of "Da Ali G Show" fame). Will the act wear thin over 90 minutes on the big screen? No chance, based on this preview --

The plot, such as it is, involves Borat and his sidekick Azamat (a surreal performance by little-known character actor Ken Davitian) traveling to New York and then across the United States, filming all their adventures.

The Russian satellite country of Kazakhstan (Romania was used as a stand in), already unhappy with Cohen because of the "Da Ali G Show," is so thoroughly and hilariously trashed in this movie that even shuttle diplomacy may not undo the international damage.

Borat, for example, travels with live chickens in his suitcase, and routinely refers to the "town rapist" while his shrew of a wife threatens to kill him if he doesn’t come home.

But there are also some sequences that will defy censors, including one extended bit in which Borat and Azamat (sounds like HAZMAT), his sidekick — a thick eyebrowed sort of Sancho Panza with breasts larger than Pamela Anderson’s — wrestle nude in their hotel room.

The wildly explicit, freaky mayhem spills out in the hotel elevator and then down onto the stage of a conference of insurance underwriters.

The spectacle of Borat — a tall, lanky man, locked in hairy embrace with Azamat in front of several hundred straight-laced businessmen in blue blazers — may present to the MPAA its most confounding challenge ever about to rate a film for public consumption. The scenes are more disturbing than the end of "Hannibal."

Anderson, by the way, becomes the Holy Grail of "Borat," and it’s hard to say whether she is in on the joke or not. I suspect she is not, as Borat’s journey across America to meet her is a sly and disturbing take on celebrity stalking that should only make personal bodyguards become more popular.

Armed with a picture book about "Baywatch," Borat is determined to meet the object of his fantasies.

When he does, all hell breaks loose as he literally throws a burlap sack over Anderson’s head and carries her away from a book signing.

I can't wait. Now how 'bout giving gay Austrian "Bruno" a movie of his own?

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