Monday, May 22, 2006

The chairman of the bored

If the dead have any influence, then I assume -- maybe pray is a better word -- that Sinatra will be sending one of his old Jersey pals to visit the self-identified "King of Blue-Eyed Soul" (did you hear that, Michael McDonald?):

Bolton Swings Sinatra --

Michael Bolton pays tribute to Frank Sinatra on this 12 song collection. Also features special guest Nicollette Sheridan for a duet on "The Second Time Around."

I'm sure the duet will be a fitting valentine to Francis Albert. Where's Lucky Luciano when you need him?


  1. Oh, dear. You know, my father literally just passed away at 4AM today...he was a HUGE Sinatra fan. I better warn the funeral director to duct-tape the poor guy in place on Weds. as I can say with certainty my dad will be spinning in his grave if he catches news (somehow, if they have blog access in the Great Beyond) of this musical travesty.

  2. sorry to hear about your dad, Norma. Godspeed