Monday, May 22, 2006

I can see your strech marks, m'lady

How does an old Anglophile hag like Madonna keep people paying attention to her increasingly tired act? (Remember, she doesn't have creativity to fall back on):

Later on, she donned a crown of thorns and suspended herself from a giant mirrored cross to deliver the ballad "Live to Tell." Video screens showed images of third-world poverty and reeled off grim statistics.

During one of her half-dozen costume changes, another video montage juxtaposed images of Bush, members of his administration and British Prime Minister Tony Blair with footage of Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. Midway through the new song "I Love New York," she deviated from the script and made a crude reference to Bush and oral sex.

The audience included Madonna's Kabbalah guru Rabbi Yehuda Berg, noted anorexic Nicole Richie and Rosie O'Donnell, who, according to the Reuters story, upgraded herself to a premium seat on the floor and left her spouse alone in the stands.

And O'Donnell is described as a "gay icon." Again, why wasn't I consulted on this?

No doubt senior -- as in citizen -- MTV correspondent Kurt Loder was somewhere amongst the throng, busy thumping his tired old organ as he basked in the glory that is Madonna: "So brave, so visionary, so better than the rest of us ... "

Give me Petula Clark any day.

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